Prevent pain caused by lack of support and sleep-related mishaps.
Award-winning postural pillow designed by physical therapist that is easy to use, and gets along with your body naturally.

Nine pillow is big enough to support people who are over 165 cm tall (over 5’5), designed by physical therapist to support multiple parts of your body at once to perfect spine alignment during side sleeping. 

Pregnant moms can particularly benefit from using Nine Pillow as side sleeping aid.


Pillow Fabric : 100% cotton

Filling : Hollogel fiber

Cover Fabric : 100% cotton

Size : N/A
Color : White

Choreograph your side sleeping position

If sleeping on your side results in back, shoulder or hip pain, try using Nine Pillow to help you sleep in better alignment while avoiding direct impact on pained spots.

Complete support

Support your head, neck, shoulder, back, buttock, and knees in one go.

Wakes up with you.

Nine Pillow supports and aligns your spine all night, it won’t slip away from your side.