When heartburn strikes, sleep upright
Comfortably sleep sitting up, keep heartburn down, fight that night-time acid reflux.

Sleep in an upright position, 30-45 degree slope helps lessen the symptom of acid reflux.

GERD Pillow is fluffy, supportive plus adjustable, you can sleep upright comfortably no matter what sizes you are.

Best to use with Leg Pillow

Gerd Pillow has 3 zones of support.

  • Lumbar zone : it supports lower back.
  • Torso zone : it supports mid section of the body.
  • Head zone : it  is soft for supporting your head and neck.
Size : 75x65x75 cm
Color : White

The slope helps keep the acid from rising up the esophagus

Adjustable strap lets you adjust the slope to best suit your body weight.