Pillows based on your weight, height and sleeping position.
Fit well to the shape of head and neck and firm enough for your head’s weight and shoulders width. BodyScale Pillows are the first pillows in the world to be sized according to human body and sleep habit. One of them is your best match.


There are 5 sizes of BodyScale Pillows. One of them is a perfect match for your weight, height and sleeping posture. BodyScale Pillow softness is safe to sleep on and maintains mild neck-to-spine angle.

The softness of BodyScale pillows are made of with ultrafine Elasta fiber. Elasta fiber creates supple support and contours to the shape of your head and cervical curve. The pillow stays under your head without slipping or sliding away. Tenderness of the support with a touch of softness causes less pressure to your face and ears.

Size : BodyScale No. 1, 2 and 3 are 19×29 inch. BodyScale No.4 and 5 are 22×33 inch.
Color : White



Sleeping on a pillow correctly is as crucial as having the right size and firmness of the pillow for your body. How a pillow is used for support depends on the sleeping position it supports.

Back sleeping
Your head and the whole cervical spine (C1-C7) should be supported by the pillow. Slightly your shoulder should touch the pillow or be on the edge of the pillow. Too much shoulder on the pillow diminishes pillow’s capacity to contour to the shape your neck.

Another way to do it is pulling the corner of the pillow over your shoulder. This way pillow appears to be on your shoulder. The benefit of this arrangement is that you can turn to sleep on your side without having to adjust the pillow.

Side sleeping
Pillow thickness or firmness needs to account for shoulder width. When side sleeping, a pillow should keep the head and neck in alignment with the spine. The wider the shoulder, the greater need for lifting support. It will be quite useless if you put your shoulder on the pillow when you side sleep. So, when side sleep, think of pillow as a a lift for your head and neck, tug the pillow close to the base of your neck and keep the shoulder out of the way.