Lift the weight off your shoulders, take the load off your back.
Prop your arms, legs, shoulders and put your body in alignment.

Body Pillows come in 2 sizes. A standard size is suitable for those less than 165 cm tall (5’5). For anyone taller than 165 cm, go for the Full-Length version for maximum support down to your ankle.

Size : N/A
Color : White

Why your body wants Body Pillow

Body Pillow does this to your body- 1) support, 2) comfort and 3) align. In one big hug, you get all three.

We got your back.

Body Pillow supports several parts of your body that would have been a lot of work for your spine if it didn’t.

Dual firmness for better support

Body Pillow has two chambers, firmner one for your leg because your leg, being a lot heavier than your arms, needs it.

Lean backward sleeping

Have a bad shoulder? Try leaning backward on a Body Pillow to relieve pressure from your ached shoulder. Pressure on your scapular and buttock poses less pain than on bony areas.