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When the mattress is too hard

Fits to your curve and smooth all the edges. Make any surface more ergonomic. Designed by physical therapist. 7-Zone Comforter has 7 zoning supports that vary in firmness corresponding to body parts it supports. Lumbar support is denser, buttock support less dense, and leg support wide and thick. It fills in all the gap your body made against any surface. The result is smoothen, no-pain-spot sleep and good alignment.

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When the mattress is too soft

BodyBalance topper is made purely of smart pressure-sensing and high density latex that actively works against pressure from your body weight. Sometimes, instead of support, your body needs a counterbalance. BodyBalance is strong and firm enough that it won’t give in to weight or pressure, but counterbalance the weight so that it will not create disproportionate effect on your total alignment. It is a great fix if your mattress is too soft.


Less pressure. More pleasure

Aero-elastic foam is new technology of foam that makes BodyBalm topper a gentle, embracing place to land. Tiny air bags inside the foam act as bubble wrap that absorb pressure. BodyBalm takes care of your bone-prominent areas like shoulder joints, hip joints, knee joints which often your pain-spots by gently support without burying you in. BodyBalm adapts automatically to all body structures, it suits people of all sizes and sleep preferences.

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