Body-friendly mattresses that promotes healthy spine alignment.

We are so into "good alignment" so we design mattresses aiming at that. The base, and supporting layers when put together should create a sleep foundation that does not mess up spine's natural alignment.


Support and comfort comes togher in this body-loving mattress. FeelEmbrace is gentle to all bone-prominent areas of your body. Support all body parts, and align spine.

Featured : 
Aero-Elastic Nooma foam
Talalay resilient support Latex
High density non-memory foam base
4-way stretch inner fabric 
Thin and smooth outer fabric

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25-27 FeelAlive.jpg


Feel-Alive is buoyant, lively, and breathable mattress. Its jiggling feel makes it different and interesting. Most mattress feels boring. This one is the opposite of boring. Smart pressure-sensing latex accounts for the fun, alive and cooling feel. The therapeutic quality of FeelAlive is that it not only supports the heavier parts of your body but also counterbalances them to prevent them from causing spine misalignment. 

Millions of airy round cell structure take your body heat away. You sleep fresh, cool and in fully comforted good alignment. 

Featured : 
Smart pressure-sensing Latex
High density polyurethane base
4-way stretch inner fabric 
Thin and smooth frictionless outer fabric