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Our multi-support Positioning Pillows supports right where you need.


Support and align.

Body Pillow aligns your spine when you sleep on your side. You rest your arms, leg, torso, or hip on it to get support and feel more comfortable  in your favourite posture.

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Support under thighs and knees to relax back muscles.

Do you have big buttock and thighs and somewhat smaller waistline? You might have what we call a pear-shaped body. Beautiful body shape, by the way. If you are side sleeper, you should definitely have some support between your knees and leg. But if you sleep on your back, you definitely need a "Leg Pillow" to support under your knees and thighs to relax back muscles.


Sleep Positioning Pillow

Support you from head to leg, wrap you in correct spine alignment. The pillow is designed to support important parts of your body simultaneously. Work well for side sleepers who often lacks supports

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Go for Jay, if you're less than 165 cm tall.

Jay supports you as much as Nine pillow, only you get even more snuggle fit with Jay if you are less than 165 cm tall.


Heartburn should not stop you from sleeping better.

Do you have acid reflux (Gastroesophageal reflux disease)? If you do, you know how difficult sleep becomes when the symptom kicks in. GERD Pillow is designed to help you relieve heartburn by elevate your upper body 30-45 degrees. GERD Pillow slope is adjustable by tighten or loosing the strap in the back, so it can be used by people of different body sizes. We recommend using Leg Pillow with it to reduce pressure on your coccyx.

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