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Orthocore™ Pillow

The core stabilizes the support. Your neck is in the proper angle all night while the softness soothes you.

Special features :

Orthocore™ is a soft-shell pillow with firm foam core that can be taken out or added in to get the perfect pillow height. It is great with anyone who are experiencing neck pain, early morning neck pain, or having trouble waking up in the middle of the night to fix a pillow.

Physical therapist designs Orthocore™ Pillow to fix sagging, unstable support of normal fiber pillow. The core in Orthocore™ stabilizes and sustains the level of support which keeps your neck in the proper angle to the spine for longer time.

Who is it for.
If you have morning pain in the neck that goes away during the day, Orthocore™ is your pillow of choice.
If you need precise pillow height because of underlying condition in your cervical spine, Orthocore™ pillow can be an option to discuss with your therapist.

Orthocore™ comes with 2 adjustable pads. You can adjust the core of the pillow to best fit your need of support.

What is in the package.
1 Orthocoreª Pillow
2 Orthopads
1 pillowcase
product guide.

Service :

ReFit-ReFresh-ReStart service
To prolong pillow’s good performance and to dispose of it properly when it expires, we offer the following services:-

ReFit – First month after purchase, if you feel that the pillow’s firmness needs adjustment, send it back to our shop to have us reduce or add fiber filling to make the firmness more fitting to your body.

ReFresh – After six months, to maintain the pillow’s usefulness and clean it environmental-friendly way, we refresh the fiber, change new cover, and recalibrate the firmness at a small fee.

ReStart – After a year, it’s time for a new pillow and time for the old pillow to have a new life. We recycle the old fiber and fabric making them useful as something else.

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Pillow shell fabric : Crisp, non-slip 100% cotton weaved and finished with SEAL™ technique that prevents dust mite at 99.6% rate with no added chemicals.

Lining fabric : 100% polyester

Orthopads : 1-inch thick Aero-Elastic® Foam, open-cell foam that ventilates. Resilient, Non-sticky foam that supports and conforms to the profile of head and neck.

Fiber Filling : 100% Elasta® Fiber. Soft and resilient fiber. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and dryable.

Care Instructions

Daily care : Fluff pillow daily after use.

Monthly care : Pick the most sunny day to sunbath your pillow. Fluff it throughly. Let it absorb the heat. If you wish to wash it, follow the care instruction in the product guide.

Washing the Pillow : You can wash the fiber-filled part of the pillow but not the foam pads. Follow care instruction in product guide.

After six month : Send it to us to “ReFresh” the pillow. We’ll change fabric, refresh fiber and recalibrate the firmness.

After 1 year : Send the old pillow to us to recycle. It’s now time for you to “ReStart” a fresh, healthy sleep journey with a new pillow.

Size Guide

Pillow Dimension : 20×30 in. or 50.8×76 cm.

Orthocore™ comes with Orthopads that let you adjust the height of the pillow how you want it.

Wider shoulder, side sleepers, require thicker pillows, try first with one layer of Orthopad, then if not enough height, add one more.

Back sleepers or smaller person, or narrow shoulders need lower pillow. Try without Orthopads, then if too low, add one more.

In case you are undergoing a treatment from physicians or physical therapist, ask for pillow height recommendation that best suits your condition.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 15 × 41 cm


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