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FIT&FIRM2™ Topper

FIT&FIRM2™ Topper is firmer. Suitable for a person weighs more than 76 kg.

Choose FIT&FIRM1™ topper if your mattress is –
1) too stiff, not flexible to your curves,
2) too hot to sleep on,
3) has no rebound, poorly recover from pressure.

Add FIT&FIRM2™ Topper on top of your old mattress to make it as sturdy as new.
You can take it to the floor or use it on hard surface.
You can mix it with other FIT&FIRM toppers to make up to 6-inch thick mattress.

Special features :

FIT&FIRM2™ Topper is a firm topper. The foam is bouncy, firm yet flexible to fit the contour of your shape. It is ideal for person weighing more than 76 kg.

Highly versatile topper.
Firm but not hard.
Mildly bouncy.
Smart recovery.
Ease natural movement during sleep.
Work well on hard mattress and soft mattress.

FIT&FIRM2™ Topper is for you if –
– your mattress is too soft, causing the mid section of your body to sink.
– you find it difficult to change position.
– you feel hot, you sweat at night.
– you have persistent pain in lumbar or scapula

FIT&FIRM2™ Topper comes with zipper cover that can be removed for cleaning purpose.
Cover can be machine washed and dried.

FIT&FIRM2™ is made of “Integrated Foam”

What is “Integrated foam”?

Integrated foam is production technique developed by MR.BIG to use in toppers and mattresses to create exact firmness and support that will fit particular person. Integrated tecnique strongly brings out the best quality of both material. It is the reason MR.BIG is able to provide many levels of firmness to support wide range of customer’s body sizes.

Currently we use “Integrated foam” in Figured™ Mattress and FIT&FIRM™ Toppers.

Service :

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Queen 5F
King 6F



Integrated Foam : High-density foam layered with medium density foam made of high-performance polyurethane.

Cover Fabric : Polyester-viscose blended with anti-piling finish.

Care Instructions
Size Guide

FIT&FIRM2™ Topper is 2-inch thick.

Topper Sizes :
Queen 60×78 in. or 150×200 cm.
King 72×78 in. or 180×200 cm.

Additional information

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Queen 5F, King 6F


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