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Cloud Comforter

Sleeping on the cloud must feel like sleeping on Cloud Comforter.

Special features :

It’s such a pleasure to have no pressure. Cloud Topper eliminates pressure points on your body caused by sleeping on too firm mattress.

Cloud Comforter has the same softness across the topper. Its fullness makes your mattress more inviting. It adds warmth and coziness. Use it when the weather gets colder or when your day is stressful. It will comfort you.

Who is it for.
If you feel that your mattress is too firm, use Cloud Comforter.

If your feel that your mattress fails to support your lower back, go for 7-Zone Comforter instead.

Best to use on firm, no-sagging mattress. Do not recommend to use on soft mattress.

Service :

ReFit-ReFresh-ReStart service
To prolong bedding’s good performance and to dispose of it properly when it expires, we offer the following services:-

ReFit – First month after purchase, if you feel that the topper’s firmness needs adjustment, send it back to our shop to have us reduce or add fiber filling to make the firmness more fitting to your body.

ReFresh – After six months to 1 year, to maintain the topper’s usefulness and clean it environmental-friendly way, we refresh the fiber, change new cover, and recalibrate the firmness at a small fee.

ReStart – When the old topper no longer sparks joy, it’s time for a new topper and time for the old one to have a new life. We recycle old fiber and fabric making them useful again as something else.

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Twin 3F
Single 3.5F
Queen 5F
King 6F



Topper fabric : Crisp, non-slip 100% cotton weaved and finished with SEAL™ technique that prevents dust mite at 99.6% rate with no added chemicals.

Filling : 100% Elasta® Fiber. Soft and resilient fiber. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable and dryable.

Care Instructions

Daily care : Fluff across the width daily after use.
Flip right to left once in a while.

Monthly care : Pick the most sunny day to sunbath your topper. Beat it throughly. Let it absorb the heat. If you wish to wash it, follow the care instruction in the product guide.

After six month to 1 year : Send it to us to “ReFresh” the topper. We’ll change fabric, refresh fiber and recalibrate the firmness at a small fee.

When it no longer sparks joy : Send the old topper to us to recycle. It’s now time for you to “ReStart” a fresh, healthy sleep journey with a new topper.

Size Guide

Cloud Comforter is available in 4 sizes
Twin 36×78 in. or 90×200 cm.
Single 42×78 in. or 105×200 cm.
Queen 60×78 in. or 150×200 cm.
King 72×78 in. or 180×200 cm.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Twin 3F, Single 3.5F, Queen 5F, King 6F


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