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Realign your spine back to balance.
Make any mattresses better. Enhance its support and conformability. Balance your alignment. And more.


If your body weight is more concentrated on certain parts instead of distributed evenly throughout your body, a BodyBalance topper will help fine-tune the support and bring balance to your alignment.

  • Talalay latex in BodyBalance contours nicely to your body curves, leaving no parts unsupported.
  • The suppleness of BodyBalance comforts sensitive body parts that have less muscles.
  • BodyBalance is not too yielding an will not become too soft to sleep on regardless of your body size.
  • If you have too soft a mattress, use BodyBalance topper to tone it up, making it more supportive.
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Firm and body-fitting

BodyBalance topper is firm yet buoyant and accommodating to your shapes, curves and bony areas. You can use BodyBalance on any kind of mattress that you feel have too shallow of support. Or you can use BodyBalance topper on a soft mattress to gain some firmness your body needs. This is how to spot a too-soft mattress:

  • You feel that it’s quite difficult to turn around or move in your mattress.
  • You often feel hot on the mattress.
  • The mid section of your body sink too deep.
  • The softest part of your mattress seems to be deeper than 5 dm down.